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Latest News

We have had our first few rehearsals and have been narrowing down our songlist to the ones we love to play and people love to hear and dance to. Rehearsals are a blast and are always a laugh a minute, being musicians is what we love about life.

Where are the musicians in the area?  

Michael and James have been having a heck of a time finding a full time bass player and/or lead guitar player. We have done a few shows with fill-ins, but are still looking for a good full time member to work with.

James is going to a guitar camp in Hotchkiss, North of Manning to learn guitar a bit and do some networking with other musicians in the Peace Region.

If you are, or you know a guitar player, bass guitar player get in contact with us through the contact page or on facebook and lets have a meet up and jam! 

Latest Track

New recordings coming once we have a finalized setlist and can have time to start writing and recording our original music. Stay tuned!